Gems to Jewels was established as a business in late 2016 as a jewellery online retailer offering

ready-to-wear pieces in 14K gold with various coloured gemstones. Maria has realised that there was a gap in the market for affordable luxury jewellery while she was shopping with her mom for a dress ring. Also Maria was constantly drawing and sketching jewellery that she wished her mom could wear as most designs offered on the Australian market were similar.

The founder Maria Kostina fell in love with gemstones/gemmology precisely during a short introductory Gemology course hosted by GAA, which her mom has invited her to attend along.  If it wasn't for her mom Daria Williams who has led Maria to show the pathway to gemmology, Maria would have still been in her previous career in hotel management. Maria has recognized that she requires more knowledge about the field and researched a well known Gemology institute GIA and attended to further her studies in gemology in Carlsbad, CA at the GIA world headquarters.  From here onward Maria has completed three programs at GIA, which have helped her to add knowledge and expand her business Gems to Jewels into a trade only, wholesale business.  


Gems to Jewels now focuses on CAD modelling for jewellery stores globally, international jewellery designers and offering a range of loose natural gemstones. As the foundation of business was based on offering ready-to-wear jewellery it is still a remaining core factor of the company. Gems to Jewels now offers various jewellery lines catered for the jewellery stores, which Maria outsources from her world travels to exhibitions and meeting with trending designers.

Please feel welcome to reach out by phone or email to request our latest jewellery catalog, inquire about our gemstone collection or your next CAD model.

Your success is important to us and we'd love to work together with you!

Best wishes,

Maria Kostina

Mobile Number:

AUSTRALIA +61 481 357 364

USA           +1 747 243 8657