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Notes on JCK 2019 Vegas

The gem and jewelry fair in Las Vegas 2019 has concluded and if you have missed out to attend this year, I got you! So here are some of the trends I have noted that have caught my eye from various design houses and what will be huge this year!

Lots of designs have started to implement colored titanium into the designs! Various shapes and huge cuff sizes decorated with diamonds and other various gemstones. Titanium is an awesome material for jewelry because the wearer can feel comfortable wearing it as its light and different permanent colors can be achieved such as metallic blues were often seen, pastel metallic greens and pinks! So, the jewelry with titanium looks fun with the colors yet bold and sophisticated.

Many new designer houses have also emerged, they are using unique gemstones creating one of a kind pieces, even if they are similar in design concept, none will be exact. Stepping away from mass manufactured jewelry is the trend and its here to stay. Designers are using gemstones such as opal, tourmaline slices (watermelon tourmalines,) Paraiba in quartz, dreamy moonstones and various other gems in fantasy cuts that will not look anything like the other. Some jewelry designers have even incorporated organic materials and perfected a way to preserve materials such as palm tree seeds! Jewelry being luxury and contemporary complementing various unique gemstones into 18 Karat gold and completing the pieces with classic diamonds.

Expect bold color soon! Enamel has made a huge impact this year! Lots of trendy enameled jewelry and in different techniques such as plique-a-jour, cloisonné, In bright bold opaque colors and in soft pastels with vitreous enamels and added gold flakes. Technology has really impacted the jewelry industry and manufacturing and designers now have limitless room for their imagination and creativity to come to life! Color is life and it has really been emphasized through the jewelry and contrasting colors in single piece!

Also, noted matte gold is the go and black patina silver is something that reoccurs especially in organic looking high end jewelry. Each designer house has worked affectionately and effortlessly to create new designs on the market and to stand out.

Dainty jewelry has also been seen with minimalist detail that stands out. Creating the stack is still on, so the ladies can collect their rings and keep stacking them on!

Thank you for reading my blog and if there is something you think I’ve missed please let me know! I would love to hear your comments.

Best Regards,

Maria xox

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