A lovely romantic set of opals with a very well matched pattern with unique colours to come from the Lightning Ridge area.

WEIGHT: 12.20 TOTAL CARAT WEIGHT FOR THE SET (Oval- 3.90 Carats, Pair - 8.30 Carats)

MEASUREMENTS: Oval- 20 x 11 x3 mm , Pair- 18 x 10 x 4.1mm

DESCRIPTION: 3 bright, well matching crystals from Lightning Ridge weighing 12.2cts which would make a unique set of earrings and pendant!

The pair are very well matched and cut weighing 8.3cts total with measurements of 

18 x 10 x 4.1mm with nice medium domes and good thickness.


The oval gem weighs 3.9cts and has a beautiful streak pattern like the pairs with red/pink dominance. It is rather flatter than the pairs with a lower dome and measures 20 x 11 x3 mm.

This set has some natural black inclusions through all 3 stones but doesn't seem to detract too much on the overall look and they are also priced accordingly making them great value! They are truly beautiful looking set which will make a really natural and earthy look when combined together and set into an edgy/modern jewellery.

Photos and videos are taken under fluorescent overhead lamp and natural sunlight.
Money back guarantee on any crazing within 6 months.

Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal Set 12.20 Cts Total

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