MEASUREMENTS: 30mm x16.5mm x 6mm
WEIGHT: 18.2 Carats

DESCRIPTION: Large white opal from the 8-mile field in Coober Pedy. 8-mile is a quality field producing strong, stable opal.

This stone has full spectrum colour through the entire stone consisting of red, orange, purple, green and blue. It is very well cut with a nice high dome, which is sought after for high jewellery to create a stetement piece of jewellery such as a bangle or a unique necklace.

The back has some sand slightly indented but the face and sides of the stone are bright and beautiful.


No enhancements have been made on the photos except cropping.
Photos taken under fluorescent overhead lamp and natural sunlight - photos don't do this stone justice!
Money back guarantee on any crazing within 6 months.

White Opal 18.2 Carats

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