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Importer in Australia of precious and semi-precious gemstones at wholesale.


Offering jewellery CAD design solutions to the trade.

GEMS TO JEWELS has been founded by Maria Kostina who is a GIA Graduate Gemologist, jewellery designer and an experienced CAD modeler. This unique set of skills gives her the ability to offer jewellers unparalleled expertise in creating custom jewellery pieces with or for any types of gemstones!

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Coloured Loose Gemstone Collection

Offering a hand-selected range of natural coloured gemstones in stock ready to ship to your store or office! Our gemstone collection which is available for purchase is curated from trusted suppliers and is always updated with new exciting material from all over the world! All gemstones are gemmologically tested by Maria who is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and uses standard gemological equipment. This will provide you with the confidence of buying the material from us with all the treatments disclosed. 


CAD - Jewellery CAD Design Services

Computer-Aided Design is creating a digital 3D model which can be 3D printed and casted into precious metal or your choice. I can help you create any custom design that your customer desires based on your provided design sketches and measurements. The digitally created model can save you time and money from hand fabricating or traditional wax carving, as many models can be repeatedly printed and casted at once! The best part what I love about CAD is the detail and precision of the settings, your client will be able to review the piece as a render and will know exactly what they are waiting for.

My expertise in CAD modelling is focused on jewellery manufacturing standards. I will accept all challenges and designs to create (Try Me!). I will also provide you with any suggestions for your design if necessary to have the best manufacturing outcome and produce long lasting heirloom jewellery pieces your client will love and cherish.

A little bit about myself - I'm Maria a CAD professional who is trained in jewellery design at GIA Carlsbad, have bench understanding and some experience (so I understand what you as a jeweller are going through!). Proficient in all major computer aided design programs such as Rhino, Matrix and Z-brush.

Renders are usually drawn within 24 hours of instructions and speaking to the our client. Clients can communicate directly with our designer via email only. 

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