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About Us

Gems to Jewels was established in 2016 in Sydney, Australia as an Importer of precious and semi-precious gemstones at wholesale.


Offering jewellery CAD design solutions to the trade.

GEMS TO JEWELS has been founded by Maria Kostina who is a GIA Graduate Gemologist, jewellery designer and an experienced CAD modeler. This unique set of skills gives her the ability to offer jewellers unparalleled expertise in creating custom jewellery pieces with or for any types of gemstones!

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Having a graduate gemologist hand selecting a wide range of loose coloured stones gives you the confidence to offer natural coloured stones to your customers. Need Help finding a particular gemstone for a customer? Please call or view our online catalogue of ready to ship/collect of our loose coloured stone collection.


Offering jewellery CAD design services for jewellery stores globally and jewellery designers who are ready to bring their ideas to life! Maria has had more than 6000 hours of experience dedicated to CAD and her expertise solely lies in jewellery design, which will provide you with confidence to commence the custom design for your client with guide and help from Maria. Maria has 4 years of ongoing experience in CAD designing and over the years has built relationship based on trust with satisfied jewellery stores who rely on her execution of the CAD design projects.

As a jewellery designer herself, Maria has a keen eye in selecting the trending jewellery for your consideration from around the world! Whether it's her own designs with natural coloured gemstones set in karat gold or sterling silver from Russia or exclusive representation of International designers in the Australian market gives you the opportunity to offer your customers the best the world has to offer.

Since entering the industry in 2016 Maria has developed many connections and relationships in the jewellery industry with industry leaders and fellow gemmologists - consistently learning new trade practices and keeping up with the new ongoing gemstone treatments.

Maria is proud that Gems to Jewels is an accredited Member of the following organisations which set industry standards and promote ethically and responsibly sourced gemstones as well as look after consumer protection.

Please feel welcome to reach out by phone or email an inquiry about my gemstone collection, quote for your next CAD model or to request the latest jewellery catalog!

Your success is important to me and I'd love to work together with you!

Maria Kostina - GIA Graduate Gemologist, JDT, JD, AJP

Owner - Gems to Jewels

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About Our Gemstones

Hand Selected - Curated Collection by a Gemmologist

The current coloured gemstones which are displayed in the Shop Gemstone section have been curated over the past few years from various trusted sources - primary and secondary. Our gem sources include parties such as directly from the miners who have cut material themselves, gem cutters who deal directly with artisanal miners and gem manufacturers who source quality material and have the gem material faceted/cut at their facilities using proper precision machinery.

Packaging of our Gemstones when shipping to you!

Each order is very special to me and I am thankful for it from the bottom of my heart as you support my dream of being active in the jewellery trade and letting me help you source gemstones to be in your future projects or perhaps to be an addition to your gemstone collection!

I want all gemstones to arrive safely with their future owner (you) and for that - correct packaging procedure goes into sending your parcel safely to you.

Each gemstone purchased comes in it's own gemstone box case, which is cushioned and gives maximum protection for the stone when being stored. The gemstone box is bubble wrapped and placed in a parcel box - that way both of us have peace of mind that your gemstone will arrive to you safely.

Want to see how your gemstone will be packaged for you? We made a video for your viewing pleasure - welcome to watch!
Gemacation - The list of gemstones we stock and some important information for you to know about each one of them!
  • Almandine Garnet

  • Amethyst

  • ​Ametrine

  • ​Aquamarine

  • ​Bi-Coloured Quartz

  • ​Citrine

  • ​Coral

  • ​Emerald

  • ​Hemimorphite

  • ​Iolite

  • ​Kunzite​

  • Labradorite Feldspar - Trade Name "Oregon Sunstone"

  • ​Lemon Quartz

  • ​Opal

  • ​Peridot

  • ​Quartz

  • ​Rhodolite Garnet

  • ​Sapphire and Star Sapphire

  • ​Spinel

  • ​Tourmaline

  • ​Turquoise

  • ​Zircon

About Our Gemstones
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