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Gem Legacy

What is Gem Legacy

Gem Legacy has been established in 2018 as a Non-Profit organization by Roger Dery alongside with his lovely family Ginger Dery and Rachel Dery. Their mission is to help artisanal mining communities in east Africa by giving back through gem educational support, lapidary equipment, food and clothes supplies. All the monetary donations gathered are transparently provided towards the cause one hundred per cent. Their reason to establish this foundation and start this legacy has been from their experience of travelling to the mining communities in Kenya and other east African countries and meeting all the artisanal miners personally. Roger has always been helping financially during each of his trips however, his efforts alone were not enough to provide for their communities to grow well and prosper educationally. Gem Legacy is creating and educating a community of jewellers who are mindful of where their gems come from and who try to give back to those artisanal mining communities.

Dery Family Founders of Gem Legacy.jpg

How We Support Gem Legacy and Why

I would love to have your support and help me support Gem Legacy by promoting their mission on social media and through word of mouth so that more people hear about them and their great cause. Also, even though our gems are not particularly mined from those artisanal communities we would like to collect 5% of all gem sales per year towards donations for the Gem Legacy project. This means a lot to us because their cause helps us to help to educate children, growing the small mining communities and keep motivating these communities to do the hardest work of all “gem mining” to keep our industry thriving. These small communities of people who mine gems in heat and sun all day long require from commonalities such as water/food/clothes to learning to identify their material and need machinery to cut the gems too. It is vital to support these communities and motivate them as they are the main backbone of the jewellery industry. Without these small artisanal miners we will not have our precious gems mined.

Map of where Gem Legacy supports:
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